Annie Proulx

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Jake Robertson said...

Author thesis can seem to be a stressful endeavor from the perspective of an onlooker. However, American Author thesis stress can be lessened with the utilization of several tips. My author, Annie Proulx, writes books with various lengths and even formats. To make the reading more manageable, make sure the lengths of books correspond with the lengths of the periods assigned by a teacher to read and take notes. Read a little of each book every night, planning how much you must read each night to complete the book in time is vastly efficient. When choosing an author to analyze, read a portion of your top prospect author’s works to avoid being stuck with an author that you don’t enjoy reading. Worst case scenario, you don’t like the writing style of the author, and you can try another author.

American Author Thesis

Now that you have written your essay, we ask that you reflect on the reading portion of the experience and write 100-150 words about your author.

Think of what you write as advice for someone next year and beyond, someone who (like you were doing last fall) is thinking about choosing your author - and maybe even the same three books - to read for the assignment.