Arthur Miller

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Wes S. said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Arthur Miller and his plays. While historians focus on the political cause and effect that led to tragedies such as The Salem Witch Trials, Holocaust, and slavery, Miller’s works show how naturally humans commit the same mistakes that led to these events but on a much smaller and subtler scale. His plays occur in many different settings and the characters lifestyles vary. This effectively demonstrates that maybe we’re all naturally immoral and have to acknowledge this in order to better ourselves.
Plays are short and easy to comprehend. Must-reads include: An Enemy of the People, All My Sons, The Crucible, and Death of A Salesman. Additional recommended works: The Price, The Man Who Had All the Luck, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan, and After the Fall. Avoid Incident at Vichy based on extremely confusing plot/characters.

Jack (Brown) said...

Arthur Miller, a playwright focuses mainly on the many issues he perceives within American society. This often includes depiction of horrible mistakes, such as the Salem Witch Trials, or other people who have made poor decisions in their attempt to achieve the American dream, that has in the end resulted in their failure and emotional pain. One of his best plays, All My Sons, features a dysfunctional family, and their relationship with another family, whom their father got arrested in place of himself for something his fault. It questions the morals that lead to our decision making, and what extents people will go to, to justify their actions to themselves and others. As you read his plays, it is interesting to follow the mistakes resulting in the failure of different individuals throughout his works.

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