James Baldwin

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Andrew D'Anieri said...

Andrew (Brown)

James Baldwin is one of the most fiery authors that I have ever read. He writes about the African-American experience in America and criticizes Christianity for allowing racism to happen. Baldwin's main themes include race, religion, suffering and ways to deal with suffering, and sexuality. Baldwin's sentences flow and stop, beat and wave in order to invoke feelings from the reader. His works include many symbols and each sentence has a deep meaning. Baldwin is as diverse as he is defiant. He writes short stories, novels and plays. Baldwin's masterpiece, Go Tell it on the Mountain, is confusing. My favorite of his works was Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone. Avoid Fifty Famous People.

Delany said...

James Baldwin is an author who is very descriptive, which can leave some readers confused about what he is trying to suggest about certain topics or themes, whether it is sexuality, race, and or religion. But if you are a very focused reader who is not bothered by descriptive language, then you can see the repetetiveness of the themes that James Baldwin is trying to convey to his reader. James Baldwin also does not hold anything back when trying to describe a specific event and will leave a very graphic image within your mind in order to get his point across, which can sometimes help the reader better understand where James Baldwin is coming from. But for others, it may be a bit uncomfortable.

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