Mary Sarton

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Becki (Bennett) said...

I believe that this authors name is May Sarton. May Sarton writes books of all lengths ranging from 150 pages to 400 pages. Sarton is known for writing novels about womens’ rights and how they try to find and accept their place in society. Relationships are also a main theme in her novels. Overall, I was pleased with her novels, although the first book I read was not interesting at all (As We Are Now). If you choose to read the novels of May Sarton I would recommend The Small Room and The Education of Harriet Hatfield. They were both interesting books, and especially at the end they got more and more interesting to read. There are so many themes that you can choose from, and I found it was easy to find supporting details for each of my paragraphs even though the books I chose were shorter than those of other authors. Since her books have a lot of detail on characters and really go in depth in their lives you should plan on taking good notes and staying organized because it is easy to forget important details.

Niki Hunt said...

May Sarton wrote novels and poetry throughout the 1950s to the 1980s. Her poetic use of language is eloquent while being easy to read. Her vulnerability and fragility is portrayed beautifully through her honest accounts of love in all of its manifestations. Her books all have a similar familiarity to them, while all carrying different story lines. She brings her characters to life, and makes you feel as though you truly know them yourself. Similar themes can be found throughout her books, making it easy (and yet difficult) to choose one theme to trace.
Take different colored highlighters to the pages of her books, one for each theme, and highlight or note the places in which the themes can be found. When it comes to writing the paper, and you choose your theme, you can then flip through your books and find quotations revolving around that idea simply and easily. Make either mental or physical notes on how the characters evolve and change, as Sarton shows the characters’ explorations finding their true selves.
Sarton is now one of my favorite authors, and I will find myself reading the rest of her books in the future.

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