Raymond Chandler

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Eliza (Brown) said...

Eliza (Brown)

The books I read by Chandler were easy to follow and relatively fast paced. All of Chandler's books revolve around the same private investigator, Phillip Marlowe. Chandler uses a lot of imagery in his writing and this made the reading pretty interesting. Although I wouldn't have read any of my books outside of school, they're pretty good for school books. If you're not a huge fan of murder, death, kidnapping, stealing, or anything else that could possibly be involved in a bunch of mystery books then don't choose Chandler! All of his books are around 250-300 pages which is nice, and he does have a collection of 4 short stories titled Trouble is My Business. I would definitely recommend reading some of those! The others books I read were Farewell, My Lovely; The High Window; and The Lady in the Lake. Overall Chandler wasn't a great author but for author thesis I would recommend him just because his books are easy reads and there are lot of connecting themes.

Anonymous said...

Raymond Chandler's books are fast pace and easy to follow but can be difficult times. His books focus on his original character, Philip Marlowe. His mystery novels are extremely fun to read and always leave you thinking about who had committed the crime. He always has multiple charters in his novels that each have a unique personality. This creates a mystery with each character as there's more to them as you are told. When reading his novels you have to read it carefully as he leaves little clues that you have to find and connect. His endings are great as they reveal a surprising twist and explain a lot of what happened, who was the real criminal, and why they did it. The subjects of his books are a little darker and grown up as they talk about; murder, kidnapping, etc. his books are usually around 200-300 pages long which isn't too long of a book. The books I read were The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye. Each were great books by their own rights. Raymond Chandler was a good choice for the author thesis and I would recommend him.

Calvin Lindquist said...

I read Raymond Chandler because I was very interested in reading a new genre of book. I am also a big fan of mysteries and enjoy trying to read along to figure out what is going on. While these books were entertaining I found that a lot of of the time it was hard to get attached to any of the characters and the only thing that kept it going at any given time was how cool and mysterious the main character Phillip Marlowe was. Since reading the Marlowe books I decided to try different mystery novels and so far one of my favorites has been the Spenser For Hire books even though they are a bit simpler making them harder to analyze I found the books to be much more interesting so if you are looking for a mystery author I would choose Robert Parker.

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