William Styron

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Chris M said...

The most underrated American Author is William Styron. His books are not for the squeamish, comprised of graphic details into murder, sex, drugs, alcohol and other mature themes. Although graphic, his realist books are amazingly well written, always using the perfect word for each idea. He never dwindles over large descriptions or run on sentences like Hawthorne and Bronte. Rather, his plot line remains direct which makes most of his books very readable. Although the plot line of the book is comprehensible, his themes delve into great depth. Experiencing depression in his life time, his provides frightening incites into mental diseases, knowing them from a first hand account. If you do choose to read Styron then read Sophie's Choice, his masterpiece. Although it takes a while to read, I guarantee it will be a favorite. Also, the Confessions of Nat Turner and Lie Down In Darkness show his true character, dealing with depression and murder. Also, his intricate and interesting themes create good topics for Author Thesis papers. Therefore, I recommend William Styron for the American Author Thesis Paper.

Katrina Smith said...

William Styron is fantastic author who writes about the hardships of life. Styron's novels are definitely not for the frail. His books confront themes of alcoholism, murder, rape, family, and depression. His novels are very intense and rarely ever boring, making reading the books exciting. Books of his such as Sophie's Choice, Lie Down in Darkness, and Set this House on Fire were some of my favorites. They addressed the daunting themes of rape, broken families, and depression. If you choose to read Styron, you will find that finding a theme or topic to write about will be very easy, because Styron uses a variety of themes, but they are consistent throughout his novels. I would recommend Styron because his writing is easy to read, but has great depth. His descriptions and portrayal of characters are underrated and the plot of his novels are addicting. I would definitely recommend Styron to anyone for Author Thesis.
Katrina S.

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