Charles Bukowski

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Sophia (Brown) said...

I read works by Charles Bukowski and would not recommend him to an upcoming sophomore. Bukowski’s literature was thought provoking and exposed a new side to society that I had never seen before. It took me through the journey of an alcoholic through his misanthropic and anti-social lifestyle. However, to be enlightened by this character, Bukowski used crude and extremely inappropriate scenes that were extremely uncomfortable and creepy. Trust me my parents were not okay with me reading him. I would not read him because in the end I really couldn’t relate to my author at all. Also, he profiled the life of one character, and although that was interesting and made it easy come time to write, there was nothing I could relate him to, which was upsetting. Although he is not the best choice for the Author Thesis paper, it would be really beneficial to read the novel, Ham on Rye, and any of his collection of short stories or poems. Good luck!

American Author Thesis

Now that you have written your essay, we ask that you reflect on the reading portion of the experience and write 100-150 words about your author.

Think of what you write as advice for someone next year and beyond, someone who (like you were doing last fall) is thinking about choosing your author - and maybe even the same three books - to read for the assignment.