Bobbie Ann Mason

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Marie (Narrow) said...

Bobbie Ann Mason’s books are thought provoking and difficult. She discusses issues that people usually face during the middle of their life. Her characters are usually unmotivated, unhealthy, and unhappy with what their lives like and are searching for a way to turn it around. Although her characters seem to be very relatable to lower class, and unhealthy people, the relationships they have seem universal. These books seem to be unimportant to a sophomore, however it is very interesting to think about your life far from now. Thinking about the future and what it holds was very stressful from me, because the books made me think that everyone’s life will be bad when they hit midlife. It was a different view that I had never thought about, and it was rewarding, but not very enjoyable at the time. These books are a good length, and are really easy reads.

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