Carson McCullers

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Jess (Ms. Brown) said...

I very much so enjoyed Carson McCullers, her novels especially. She wrote four novels, one play and numerous short stories and articles. Her books are accessible, relatable, and relatively short. I think her longest book is 300 pages. Her themes include isolation, self-discovery, sexuality, death and alcoholism. She also incorporates motifs such as music and eyes. She develops her characters impeccably and always provides intrigue to keep the reader interested. I basically just recommend that you pick her, especially if any of those themes, especially the first two, intrigue you. She is a great author and I really enjoyed reading her books.

Keely (Ms. Brown) said...

Carson McCullers is a great choice for the American Author Thesis. I read four novels and two of her combined short story books, and enjoyed each one. Her novels vary in length, but follow similar themes throughout. McCullers explores loneliness, isolation, disability, and disease through characters of many ages. By pacing yourself, you will not feel extremely overwhelmed, and you will find it easier to make connections. In The Member of the Wedding, my favorite work , the narrator is a twelve-year-old girl who goes through a journey of coming of age and trying to fit into her family. Other works I read were the novels The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Clock Without Hands, Reflections in a Golden Eye, and short story collections, The Ballad of the Sad Café, and The Mortgaged Heart. Overall I really enjoyed reading McCullers works, as they kept me interested throughout, and I was able to build upon my theme ideas throughout, connecting her works easily.

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