Chuck Palahniuk

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Jeff F. said...

Are you interested in thought-provoking and critical novels? How about works that force its readers to face the idiosyncrasies of society first-hand through peculiar fact-ridden disquisitions? What if you could enter a world of mass distortion plots, government-sanctioned demolition derbies, sex-addicts and -changes, ancient culling spells, and nationwide epidemics? Well, if you decide to snuggle up with a Chuck Palahniuk book, you can! Don't be scared away by the eccentricity of his work; it's riddled with themes worthy of an author thesis topic. You'll love his constant critique of contemporary society coupled with his constant, yet befitting plot twists at every corner. So, go ahead! Read away and read quick because before the time you finish the books, you might just want to read them all again!

Dan L. (Narrow) said...

I found myself in search of a thought-provoking and critical novel, thus finding Chuck Palahniuk. I discovered Palahniuk's work through the movie Fight Club, which is based on his award winning novel. Opposed to Jeff's review, I found his disturbing and vivid writing impossible to "snuggle up with". His eccentric novels kept me on the edge of my seat with foul characters and analytical depth. Just watch the movie Fight Club or read a novel of his and you'll be an instant Palahniuk fan.

Mike M. (Rose) said...

I read Fight Club, Choke, and Invisible Monsters, by Chuck Palahniuk. These three books were great. It was hard to put these books down since they were so interesting and EXTREMELY funny. I would recommend Chuck Palahniuk to someone who is not looking for a really hard read and loves funny books. He uses a lot of sexual themes and sexuality in his books which definitely adds to the humor but he can get pretty graphic at times. He also does a good job at making his big themes noticeable. It is very easy to find the connections between his books making your job a little easier. For someone who is not the biggest reader, Chuck Palahniuk is a great choice because he knows how to keep his readers interested and amused.

Kate (Bennett) said...

For my author thesis I read Survivor, Fight Club, and Invisible Monsters. The themes and plots in all three of these books were extremely similar but this made it difficult to analyze beyond the text. Palahniuk’s books are relatively short (ranging from about 250-350 pages) but it fit with the plots. Reading the books can feel repetitive because the plots are so similar but because they are on the shorter side, they didn’t drag on. I would definitely recommend recording similar characteristics and themes throughout the book, and also, taking quotes that you feel are important/fit with the similar themes. It will make the writing process smooth and easy because you will already have overarching themes and literal evidence to support those themes.

Aidan James said...

Aidan (Brown)

For my author thesis i chose to read Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, and Lullaby. Chuck Palahniuk presents his themes early and often in these various novels. He keeps his language simple, yet amusing, making the reading process a little easier. I would recommend Fight Club and Invisible Monsters; however, i would not recommend Lullaby. Palahniuk's critiques on society are obvious in those two novels, but are hard to see in Lullaby. I often found almost exact quotes from all three books, thus making finding connections easier. I would definitely recommend Palahniuk to any reader.

xoxoninja9 said...

Sage W.
Chuck Palahniuk writes in a very dark, pessimistic style. If you enjoy someone who tells it like it is, then you will love him. I personally found a whole new view on the world that I not only agreed with, but also found that was completely accurate to describe the world we live in and the society we were destined to run. His books are fascinating and are not difficult to read. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a page-turner. My favorite book by Palahniuk was fight club. He is famous for that book, but if you decide to read it, also watch the movie so you have a better idea of what goes on. However, you will not get by if you only watch the movie! Also, pray to god that you have a great teacher like Ms. Dubé!!!

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