Emily Dickinson

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Holly K (Brown) said...

Do you enjoy reading poetry? Do you love discovering the deeper meanings of poems? If so, Emily Dickinson is the author for you! I found Dickinson's poetry to be interesting and inspiring, and the themes that I found practically jumped right off the paper! For me, reading Dickinson's poems was similar to solving puzzles. There were always clever messages hidden in a sea of descriptive language. Her views on society surpass the time period that she lived in and lend interesting points that can relate to today's society. Many of her poems are filled with rich descriptions of nature, romance, and many other subjects. I read an entire anthology of Dickinson's 1700 poems, and although it was overwhelming at first, I found that the tedious reading soon became interesting and fun. By reading her poetry, I learned about her ideas on the society that existed outside of her window as well as the details of her personal life experiences. This allowed me to gain an abundance of knowledge on Dickinson and a clear sense of her beliefs. Since her opinions on various topics became so clear, the actual writing part of this assignment seemed much easier. I highly recommend taking on Emily Dickinson for your author thesis!

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