Jane Hamilton

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Marisa (Narrow) said...

I enjoyed having Jane Hamilton as my author. She is not as well known as some of the other choices for the author thesis paper but her novels were still very enticing. Although her novels take place at a slower pace, the her description of characters are very interesting. Her characters generally come from simple backgrounds yet face complex problems in which they must work together as a family to overcome. Most of her novels were placed in struggling families where Hamilton explores blame, death, and love in families. If you enjoy novels that looks into human nature and provide more insight, I would highly recommend studying Jane Hamilton as your american author.

Mira (Anderson) said...

I chose Jane Hamilton based off of another review I read, and I was not disappointed. Her novels are easy to read, about 250-350 pages each. They are interesting for the most part, however be mindful that some endings that may throw you off. The Book of Ruth, A Map of the World, and Disobedience are standout novels of hers. When Madeline Was Young is another novel with a fascinating storyline; however beware this book also discusses the wars and politics of the time period for a large part of the book, which I found less interesting. I did not find it extremely difficult to write about her works, as most had themes of love, relationships, and personal reflection. Hamilton’s novels all center around domestic relationships so be sure this is of interest to you. Overall I enjoyed Jane Hamilton and would recommend her to you.

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