Truman Capote

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Evan said...

I would not recommend Truman Capote as an author for the American Author Thesis Paper. Truman Capote’s books are exciting, interesting, and groundbreaking. The themes of his books are very difficult to tie together with a common thread. It is challenging to write a concise thesis statement. Capote’s books are filled with imagery, poetic prose, and symbolism making some aspects of the books very intricate and difficult to understand. Although Capote’s novels are complicated it is still possible to write a well – constructed paper if you are willing to accept the challenge.
One positive aspect of Capote’s novels is the length of his books. Capote’s novels are short making for a quick read; however the analysis of these books is extremely difficult.

If you decide to select Truman Capote as your American Author, I would recommend reading these books/short stories:

• The Grass Harp (novel)
• Breakfast at Tiffany’s (novel)
• Other Voices, Other Rooms (novel)
• A Christmas Memory (short story)

Frankie (Narrow) said...

Truman Capote, has a mix of everything. He incorporates his childhood in his stories. Capote writes short stories, novellas (around 100 pages) and the longest novel I read was around 400 pages. In Cold Blood, one of his most popular books, deals with a brutal murders and he explores the mentality of a murderers. This can be a little shocking, but if you think you can handle the violence the story is very well written and was one of my favorites. Another novel Other Rooms, Other Voices was another book that dealt with harsh themes. Themes of loss, sexual confusion, and coming of age. This story is extremely interesting, but be prepared for some confusion in the ending chapters, which may throw you off. Overall I really enjoyed Truman Capote.

Priscilla (Narrow) said...

If you enjoy short but sweet stories and murder novels that move quickly, then Truman Capote is the author. Capote's writings range from short stories with interresting and original problems, to lengthy murder novels that move quickly and have subtle twists. The novel In Cold Blood, I did not expect to enjoy by seeing its very lengthy appearance, but it turned out to be one of my favorite novel to read, along with Answered Prayers. Answered Prayers is like a gossip collumn turned into a published novel and is a laugh out loud story (literally). Growing up as a gay boy in the South and being brought up by his aunts; Capote has had the experiance not many have and has used his insight to write hard to put down novels. Choose Truman Capote if you enjoy reading all different kinds of interesting and fun novels!

Zoe Salvucci said...

I would highly recommend choosing Truman Capote for author thesis. He is a beautiful writer who tells excellent, interesting stories. I had no trouble finding common themes throughout them and I greatly enjoyed the process. I read:

Breakfast at Tiffany's (and three short stories)
Music For Chameleons
In Cold Blood
The Grass Harp (including A Tree of Night and other stories)
Other Voices, Other Rooms

Out of these, I might replace In Cold Blood, as it is a true crime story so Capote has little say in the plot and themes. However, his interpretation of the events was very interesting, since his perspective became more apparent in telling a true story. My favorite books to read were Breakfast at Tiffany's, a novella, and Music For Chameleons, a collection of short stories. I probably used the most quotes from these two as well. If I had to redo Author Thesis knowing what I know now, I would choose Capote in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Truman Capote’s writing is very unique, as his novels are different from one another. The novel In Cold Blood is a novel that needs constant analysis and in depth reading, unlike Other voices, other rooms and Breakfast at Tiffany’s which only requires some analysis. In Cold Blood was especially unique, as it was not the usual fictional story. The novel is about the murder of a well known family and the effects it had on the town.

Patrick (McCarthy) said...

If you are thinking about choosing Truman Capote as your author you will be in for a challenge. If you are considering this author you are most definitely going to read his most famous book, In Cold Blood. In Cold Blood is a writing of the murder of a family living in a rural town where you would least expect it, this book is written in the perspective of the people before the killing, the killers, the police, and many other characters and their views of the murder. In Cold Blood is a fantastic book, but the themes don't stick out as much as other books. The settings of captors stories are all very different so finding a reacurring theme is tough and will require closer reading. If you are up to the challenge Capote will be an exiting author for you.

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