Willa Cather

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Margaret (Bennett) said...

When I first picked up Willa Cathers' novel O’Pioneers!, I honestly did not want to finish it. The book was long and slow; there were no exciting scenes or interesting characters. The book seemed to run mainly on the setting, most of the chapters were detailed descriptions of farm life on the Nebraskan plains. I did not take interest in the book until the climax, which occurred at the very end of the novel. After reading O’Pioneers!, I read Cathers most well known novel, My Antonia, and I loved it. The plot was much more interesting, and I really liked the characters. My Antonia was written beautifully, and even though it is about 400 pages, I didn’t have a hard time reading it. The last book I read by Willa Cather was Death Comes For the Arch Bishop. I found this book interesting but there were too many characters and the book was somewhat hard to follow. I recommend this author to anyone who enjoys reading about the past. I don’t recommend these books for anyone who is looking for an action story. Luckily Willa Cather’s novels are very much alike thematically and they are easy to compare when writing an author thesis.

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