William Faulkner

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Katherine (Brown) said...

If you’re up for a challenge, William Faulkner’s books are fascinating reads. His works come in a variety of lengths - anywhere from short stories to novels over 400 pages – and each book often includes multiple perspectives. He primarily examines southern society during the time of Reconstruction after the Civil War, and themes in his books include innocence, family, racism, gender roles, and the ideological separation between the north and the south during the time period he examines. Light in August, my favorite Faulkner novel, includes many of the messages he consistently emphasizes and is easier to read than some of his other stories, such as The Sound and the Fury. I also thoroughly enjoyed Intruder in the Dust, which tells the story of how a young white boy helps to acquit an older African American man of false murder charges. While some of Faulkner’s language and his style of writing can be challenging, I would highly recommend reading his books because of his compelling ideas.

Rachel (Anderson) said...

After writing my author thesis about William Faulkner, I wholeheartedly recommend his works. His novels and short stories about Mississippi are truly fascinating and fun to read. However, if you do choose William Faulkner, be prepared to reread a lot–certain books, such as The Sound and the Fury or Absalom, Absalom! are hard to follow, making them excessively difficult to understand on the first read. The difficult reading process pays off in the end, though, since, with Faulkner, there is so much to write about for the paper! As you read the novels of William Faulkner, be sure to take careful notes, make timelines of the plot, and enjoy his profound use of language. I would recommend reading a few of Faulkner’s short stories (especially “The Bear”) before officially selecting him as your author.

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