Stephen King

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Jessica Chen said...

Stephen King's novels certainly lean heavily towards plot and action, and while books like these tend to lack a significant theme, King consistently incorporates a strikingly similar message throughout many of his books. Personally, my favorite book was Carrie. Carrie is similar to his other books in the sense that King unpacks his central theme from start to end through the actions and feelings of the characters. He then translates this into an overarching theme. Of course, in any Stephen King book there is never a dull moment. Reading his books will never feel like a bore despite the sometimes lengthiness of his stories. However, because of King's descriptive style, it sometimes feel as if he has almost too many themes going on at once and it can feel overwhelming to pinpoint exactly which one is the most important. Finally, King is also a rather dark writer who likes to use the supernatural and elements of horror. I wouldn't recommend King if you prefer uplifting messages. However, his dark style is an important part of his consistency with themes. King is a great author thesis choice if you want to enjoy the books and are willing to spend the time to analyze his characters.

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