Flannery O'Connor

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Sophie (Brown) said...

I would highly recommend reading Flannery O’Connor’s works if deciphering and analyzing hidden, dark meanings of the religion is something you are passionate about. O’Connor’s style embodies all advance aspects of writing, and O’Connor intentionally places deeper meanings around ever corner. O’Connor’s works do incorporate many dark and twisted plots and characters, yet the hidden meaning behind each event is striking in its relevance to our world and society. My favorite part of exploring O’Connor’s works was exactly that; realizing that her words reign true to nearly every aspect of society I have discovered in my school life thus far was fascinating. O’Connor takes you on a journey through her works, and if you choose her, your absolute and total commitment to the process is essential.

American Author Thesis

Now that you have written your essay, we ask that you reflect on the reading portion of the experience and write 100-150 words about your author.

Think of what you write as advice for someone next year and beyond, someone who (like you were doing last fall) is thinking about choosing your author - and maybe even the same three books - to read for the assignment.