Chris Bohjahlian


Elizabeth said...

The books I read by Bohjalian were very interesting and I really enjoyed them. He writes a lot of realistic fiction, which are the types of books I most often read. After reading these stories and thinking about an overall argument for a while, I was able to establish a clear thesis that conveyed exactly what he is trying to argue throughout his books. The writing of the essay was not extremely easy, but if you put enough time into it you can develop a nice thesis and will not run into too much trouble writing. Just remember to stay on your thesis and do not leave all of the work load until the end, it will be easier and the essay will be better if you spread out the work load.

Becca Lowe said...

The books I read for my author thesis were amazing. I loved reading The Double Bind, Skeletons at the Feast, and Trans-Sister Radio, they were all really fun to read. His books were easy to read and I had a clear argument the entire time. I highly recommend reading his books for your author thesis as he is a great author. You can create a lot of ideas from his quotes but he does require some work and effort as he isn't always the easiest to understand, but his books are worth it. Stick to your ideas and do the work on time and you'll be fine. Good luck!

American Author Thesis

Now that you have written your essay, we ask that you reflect on the reading portion of the experience and write 100-150 words about your author.

Think of what you write as advice for someone next year and beyond, someone who (like you were doing last fall) is thinking about choosing your author - and maybe even the same three books - to read for the assignment.