Jonathan Franzen

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Andrew Tucker said...

Franzen’s works are complex, verbose, and yes, promiscuous. His writing evokes discomfort, and his attention to detail creates a vivid style of writing that connects the reader to the characters and plot. Franzen’s complexity also allows for various themes to be drawn from his books. There are many ways to read Franzen’s novels, each providing an equal understanding of the text. In choosing an author, there are a few important aspects to consider about Franzen. First, he currently has four novels. Second, not one of these novels falls short of 500 pages, and none of them are “quick reads”. Finally, the diction of Franzen’s writing requires the reader to carefully analyze each character and plot. In choosing Jonathan Franzen as your author, be prepared for hours of long reading; however, you learn more than you realize, and once you finish the paper, you will be very proud of your accomplishment.

American Author Thesis

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