Wally Lamb

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Cypress Smith said...

I originally chose Wally Lamb because I loved his immersive style of writing. While reading, I found that he is amazing at writing characters that are easily identifiable with the reader, so it becomes really easy to take on the characters' struggles as your own. Though Lamb's style of writing makes it easy to read and become interested in the novels, his works are quite long and dense. I immediately realized that I had gotten in a bit over my head. There are times when Lamb's writing becomes dark and delves deep into concepts of grief and self loathing but ultimately, I appreciated his interpretation of the human experience. I felt that, ultimately, reading his books also helped push me to make more insightful and original connections of the text. His books also pushed the limits of how much work I thought I could do and now I think that I am capable of organizing ideas and concept because of it.

American Author Thesis

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