Frank Herbert

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Sam Mcgsrey said...

If you choose to read Frank Herbert, be prepared to enter a world of long, confusing texts, which you will need to read, then re-read, then re-read again before you begin to understand his writing. Frank Herbert writes science fiction, with a focus on societies and corruption. Although the plot of his books can be hard to follow and the writing can be difficult to follow, Herbert writes with deep symbolism and clear themes throughout all his books. After reading a few of his works, you will hopefully begin to draw parallels between his fictitious societies and our own. I read “Dune,” “The Dosadi Experiment,” and “The Godmakers.” My favorite was “The Godmakers,” because it questions what the nature of governmental power is and what defines human morality. I also really enjoyed “The Godmakers,” because I was able to draw parallels to our society, which helped me understand the context for the message Frank Herbert was trying to convey and made recognizing themes easier. Overall, Frank Herbert is a tough but rewarding author to read, although a large amount of imagined components to his books can make for a tough read and distort your interpretation of his novels.

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