Philip K. Dick


Meilani Ching said...

I chose to read Philip K. Dick's books because his works focus on science fiction, and have clear themes throughout his books. Before I chose Dick, I researched his books and saw that many of his works comment on the same themes. Dick focuses on themes of identity and what is real and unreal. He often uses drugs as a way to demonstrate deeper themes. Although at first his work is overwhelming and confusing, after 50 or so pages into each book a plot is established and some confusing things are explained. Dick also uses mental illness as a way to question what is real or unreal. Although at first the themes are not clear between the books, after reading three of his works a few clear themes and symbols arise. The books I read were, "A Scanner Darkly" "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and "VALIS". My favorite was "A Scanner Darkly" because it had a very interesting plot and made me question what makes up what is real or artificial. Personally, I loved having Philip K. Dick for my Author Thesis because I liked the modern feel to his works, and the higher realizations that his works leave the reader with. After reading three of his works I have a broader view of the world and would be interested in reading more of his works. Overall, Philip K. Dick is a great choice for Author Thesis.

Carson Maconga said...

I read three novels by Philip K. Dick for Author Thesis. I enjoyed reading his works, all of which were science fiction, both because the plot was interesting and the ideas gave me a lot to think and write about. For the project, I read Ubik, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. Those three books fit together nicely, and I think reading them in that order helped me in my comprehension. Philip K. Dick writes in a simple style that really allows his themes to be seen clearly by the reader. Even though I enjoyed his novels, Philip K. Dick’s writing is not for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend him unless you are comfortable questioning everything in the world around you, including your very existence. You also have to willing to think about his deeper messages, but if you do so, the experience will be well worth it.

American Author Thesis

Now that you have written your essay, we ask that you reflect on the reading portion of the experience and write 100-150 words about your author.

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